What am I about?

You should love where you live. Whether you're winding down for the weekend or creating a space for celebration, your home becomes the setting for where your stories are lived. 

Yet so many of us live in uninspired spaces that don't reflect the original, beautiful and unique stories that occur inside them. 

And I get it.  There are errands to be run, jobs to manage and doesn't that cost too much?

I believe the process of creating a beautiful home shouldn't be robbed of joy because of not knowing where to start, the frustration that you can't get it all done or the task of making it look like it all goes together. 

I believe in people redeeming their dreams of having a home they are crazy about. Because everyone should love where they live.

I turn your desire to love your home into a beautiful, livable reality. 

You may be thinking "That's nice- why should I trust you?"

I'm have a Bachelor's in interior design from an accredited school and I have the NCIDQ certification. What does that even mean? You can read about why that's important here.  

My Story

Born and raised a Texan, I grew up making and creating as much as possible. I now live in Washington, DC with my husband, baby, dog and cat. Despite going to an accomplished performing arts high school, I took a break from making art (prolifically that is) for the last decade.

However, I never stopped thinking about it or craving it. My major in college was interior design, but I feel like it was just an extension of my art. 3D art if you will :)

Since graduating, I have worked in both the residential and commercial sectors and am still influenced by the power a room can have. 

I feel this way about art too.  I believe everyone is created with a desire for beauty and that we desire to live and be in beauty as much as possible. 

So, I create two forms of art: abstract and interior. 

You can learn more about my interior design services here, and my artwork here

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