Living Room Design- Round 1

Before shot of the bare living room

Before shot of the bare living room

I just came back from Salt Lake City visiting a friend who is VERY pregnant. And she just moved and had no idea how to make her living room work with her artwork that she had (and yes, it was mine). 

So, I was able to do one of my favorite things (besides getting a great deal at Anthropologie), I was able to design her room around art. And the best part was that I knew her style and artwork already so we could hit the ground running when I got there. It was SO MUCH FUN!

First, we started with hunting for a rug. 

Tip: Once you have an art piece and you are trying to figure out what to do next- get a rug. 

Rug at a resale shop that we loved immediately

We needed a rug that had some pattern and brought in some of the colors from her painting. And the wall color in the room next to this room was a shade of green so we wanted something that pulled that into the space. We were also on a budget and yet didn't want to settle. When we came across this kilm style rug, we liked it immediately. The best part is that it pulls a little navy, yellow, pink and green from the painting. It didn't have to match perfectly because there were other things that we had to consider (like the antique table and piano). Plus it was under budget and very durable.

How can you say no to a find like that? 

Next, was the seating option under the window. Her husband found one he loved and since  we needed a way to modernize the space a little bit, it was just what we needed. The down side to coming in for a weekend is that you don't always get to purchase things to put in the space right away. So, we're waiting on the fabric samples to come in before we buy it. However, the plan is to have a light colored sofa to coordinate with the other chair in the room. It's such a small space that you need unifying elements/colors to help it feel cohesive and put together. 

After hanging the art work and stylizing the piano, the next step was to paint a large mirror, like this one, navy. Again, my limited visit didn't allow me to see this one through (but don't worry, I'll show you the final picture in a month!). But we did move a floor lamp from another room to add some ambience and a vertical element. 

Tip: When a room is all about the same height, a floor lamp or drapery or something going vertical is needed to draw your eyes upward.

Since it was a limited space, we wanted to make sure that certain colors that they liked were consistent. In this case, it's navy and shades of green with pops of other bright colors. We also were looking for a small piece to put to the right of the sofa in the corner. Below is a mood board of the sofa with a couple of side table options and some accent pieces (these accents are strategic to tie in the colors from the art and rug). 

For sources, see below

So, this is where I left it. 

As hard as it was to leave the room incomplete, the main thing is that they have a game plan. They know what to do and how to complete the room. In real life, your rooms don't always finish in a weekend and are "Pinterest worthy". But that's okay! In fact that's more than okay- that's normal.

The more important thing is that you have furniture you love and have pieces that are unique to you (usually antiques, special objects and art). Keep an eye out for the complete "After" shots of this space- I'll make sure and show the final design!


Sources: Sofa, Metal Table 1, Metal Table 2, Navy Pillow, Pink Pillow, Navy Throw