Secrets of an Artist

What do you think artists want the most?

No, not just money. We need money to pay for more art supplies, food and health insurance… so yes, we need money.

But we also want you to OWN our art! We love having people get excited about a piece and want to take it home the moment they spot it. Sincerely we do. 

There are a few secrets that people don’t know about us that I want to share. To help you realize how much we really do want you to have our art..

Detail of one of my collages

Detail of one of my collages


Our Biggest Secret

We will try our best to get our art into your home. We will do everything we can think of to help you get our work. And if we don’t try to help you? Well, we might be acting like jerks because we haven’t had our coffee or have been alone in our studios too long (both inexcusable for why we are acting that way), but we really do want you to have our art! Here are some things I would suggest if you see a piece you are dying to have and don’t have the total funds at the moment:


  • Ask if we will put it aside for you. I can’t guarantee we can (What if a person came right behind you and had the money to purchase it right then? How would we know you would really come back and buy it?). BUT, I can say that if we are able to wait for a little bit of time for you to get your finances together, we will. We are going to try our best to work with you, because we know that your happiness in our art is important.


  • Ask if we will take payments. Again, this is an artist’s personal choice. An example of this, was when an artist friend of mine told me about a young professional was looking at her art during an art crawl. She fell in love with one of her pieces and was telling my friend (the artist) how much she really wished she could buy it. Instead of telling her “Sorry!”, my friend offered to have allow her to make installments for a few months until she could officially own the piece. How incredible is that?!


  • Tell us your budget and we’ll see what we can do. We’ll hunt through our inventory or be able to write you a proposal that would meet what you want and what we can do on our end. We Remember, we want you to have our art!


Even if you try all these above options, and you still can’t seem to get the art work you want, I need to tell you- THANK YOU. Thank you for having such a desire to support the arts and purchase pieces that have meaning to you. Thank you for wanting to use art to enhance your life. By wanting art in your home, you are choosing something unique and personal and valuable. 


Thank you!!


Have you ever wanted a piece of art, but didn’t know you could talk to the artist about it? Or have you talked to an artist and had an experience like these (or not like these)? Let me know about it in the comments below!