Collage Process- Part 1

I know that collage looks complex and detailed and difficult. However, I want to share with you my process so that you know a little bit more about how I go about starting and finishing a piece. 

This particular piece was painted from a bunch of flowers I got at the grocery store.

I liked that it had pink gerber daisies, sunflowers and eucalyptus- all colors and textures that I felt interested in painting. 

 This is what the piece looked like after I painted it.

Before I started collaging on top

And I wasn’t that thrilled.

As an artist, you have ideas in your head about what you want a piece to look like (not always planned out but you know where you want it to go). This particular piece did not look like I wanted it to. So, I put it away and haven't looked at it for a few months.

It felt flat and disjointed and my original plan was to paint it again. But then I decided it would be best to try an idea I had used before but wanted to experiment with again- embroidery thread. 

I like to add layers and dimension to my work and by adding thread it would create the visual texture I wanted. Since thread is also really thin and can be molded how you want it to look, it could also be a form of “drawing” on it. 

I started with a light neutral thread

And then tried this deep raspberry color that I had been DYING to use somewhere (also connects to the color of the flowers). I used matt medium to glue it down and started going to town!

Things I think about when I’m playing with where colors go…

  • If I put this color here, where does my eye go? 
  • Does this look intentional or like I randomly put thread down? Why or why not?
  • What do I want to highlight? ( If I want to highlight something, I’ll put thread on it)
  • What do I want to de-emphasize? (I won’t put thread on those places!)

(Below are images of the progression)

I liked the way the thread looked like a brush stroke when I unraveled it. I used that on the sunflower and the top pink flower. I also tried using a navy thread…but thought it looked too intense and made the piece look fussy. 

This piece isn’t done. I think I will paint or something else on top of this layer. But, I wanted you to get an idea of what goes into art. I want my art to be well thought out and everything taken into account. I don’t always get it on the first time, however I hope that with each new layer I’ll be able to catch all the things I want to develop. 


Did you think I was going to let that be the end? 

Nope- But, you have to come back later on to see the finished piece!