Designing around art- The Uptown Condo Part 2

I’m really excited to share with you the second design concept for the Uptown Condo! If you didn’t get to see the first design, you can read about it here.

To recap:

I am designing a living room around an art piece by Kyle Mosher- mostly like a large collage abstract piece like this one pictured.

Since my client likes a lot of different ideas, I did a couple of design options. The first design was focused more on the mid-century vibe that my client liked. The second design was a little different…

Option 2- the more “Modern Design”

Modern can mean a lot of things. Generally I like modern designs to have more metals and neutrals. I wanted this design to have:

  • lots of texture
  • a neutral rug
  • a console table with two ottomans instead of a coffee table
  • varied seating options
  • two matching floor lamps
  • mason jar wall planters

You can have a lot of color with modern designs, but since the last design had a lot of color, I wanted to focus on textures and natural elements. I used black, white and wood tones as the main color palette. In this design, the collage piece will be the main piece of color in the room and the furniture is just a back drop to it. However, I still wanted to use the ideas of “layers’ in my materials. Metals are used to offset all the wood in the space and there are few different seating arrangements in this design.

So, what do you think the client chose?

The second design!! And a little of the first :) We decided to use the teal swivel chairs from the first design and add them too this design because he really liked the color (can you blame him?)

At the moment, the pieces are being acquired and we are now working on the island design in the kitchen (which is going to be amazing!). So I can’t show the finished room yet…but I will definitely put it up when it’s done!

Which design option do you like? What kind of art piece would you design your living room around if you could?