Collage Process- Part 2

It's Monday. And on Monday I usually decide to take another stab at a piece that I have had on the back burner for a couple of weeks.

So I'm going to pick up where we last left off with this piece (you can read Part-1 here).

Where we left off on this piece- not quite finished

Where we left off on this piece- not quite finished

If you missed where I started, I had only added some embroidery thread to various parts of this painting I did. But I still didn’t feel like it was finished.

Looking at with a fresh pair eyes, I realized why. The piece didn’t have effective movement. Here’s what I mean- when you looked at it, your eyes looked at the center of the piece and then to the top right (following that magenta thread that leads to no where). But I didn’t feel like that movement was enough to make the piece "work". (Artist use the word "work" when they want something to do what they want it do- hence it "works" for them). 

The yellow was the problem. There was some in the middle and on the edges but not in the negative space in the top right corner. That was a composition problem- and an easy fix!

First I painted the background a neutral tone (had to cover up the empty space!). Then, I added thread in the top corner to look like a loose flower, and added more yellow paint on top of that...

And then I looked at it.

Tip: When you’re looking at a piece of art, make sure you stand back to look at. Don’t just look at it up close. Back up and really never fails I see something that I didn’t see before.

I realized I needed a few more dark areas. I added just a little bit in the stems on the left...and looked at it again.

And realized it was done. (or at least as done as I wanted it to be- which you do have to make that call sometimes)

Finished piece

Finished piece

My process isn’t super intense (at least with this piece!) but I feel like it’s important to know what goes into a piece. It isn’t always easy to understand art, but when you know how the artist got to the finished product, it can help you understand a little bit.

Do you have a hard time understanding art work (specifically abstract)? What do you wish you knew in order to “get it”?