One Art Piece, Three Ways: Mid-Century & Eclectic

I'm going through three different looks you can have with one piece of art. In case you missed the first look you can see it here.

I didn't do this in the last post but I realize it might be helpful to see where I draw from when I think of these mixes of designs. In this case, Mid-Century + Eclectic (or Global) designs. Below are a couple inspirational images that have the design feel that I want to pair the art with.

Photo courtesy of Dabito, Design by Kaitlin McHugh

Photo courtesy of Dabito, Design by Kaitlin McHugh

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

This combo of styles is funky and colorful. When I pair these styles with these pieces, I think it gives the art a whole new feeling. My biggest theme was to play up pink and green. Since the pieces have a lot of green, I wanted to use the complimentary color -pink- to my advantage in this design. I also wanted to have a similar balance between the simple lines in mid-century pieces and the bold patterns of the eclectic pieces.

Here is my spin on the two styles with my art:

Key things I looked for to tie both the styles into the art:

  • Choose colorful pieces that would either pull color from the art or use pink  (chartreuse green velvet chairs and pink in the paint, rug, pillow, throw, candle)
  • Heavy pieces that would balance out the “lighter” feel of the painting (dark sofa, heavy trunk, heavy patterned rug accomplish this)
  • Untraditional pieces that would make the art feel more “funky” than still life (floor lamp, bar cart, nesting tables, chairs and other art pieces do this)
  • Eclectic pieces can seem overwhelming, so I wanted to make sure that the main shapes were based in the mid-century vibe (sofa, chair shape, nesting tables do this)
  • Picking art that would pull from the styles and also look good with the featured art (read more about picking art out for eclectic designs here)

The overall paint color in this design is a neutral creamy white so the color has a great backdrop. But I also liked the idea of the main feature wall being in this peachy-pink color. Or the back of bookcases, entryway walls etc. It would be a bold pop in the room and I think make the artwork stand out even more because the pink would compliment the green in the pieces. 

Alright, two down and one more look to go! Stay tuned for the last twist on this piece (although I could probably keep going if I was honest). 

Do you think the design makes sense with the piece? What is your favorite (or least favorite) part?