One Art Piece, Three Ways: Coastal Chic & Minimalism

And now we’re at the last design of the series! Here are the other two I did mixing mid-century & eclectic styles and modern & industrial.

These inspirational images say a couple of things. The first is of a dining room from Eclectic that uses bright colors and traditional lines in a minimal way (I talk more about what art to put with traditional & minimal design here). The second image is from Lisa Sherry Interieurs and her strong use of beach elements doesn’t overpower the simple lines that are repeated in all the furniture. 

Photo courtesy of Eclectic 

Photo courtesy of Eclectic 

Photo Courtesy of Southern Living, Design by Lisa Sherry Interieurs

Photo Courtesy of Southern Living, Design by Lisa Sherry Interieurs

You might be asking why I chose to do a combination of coastal chic & minimalism. One was that I felt like this art worked really well in a beach house/coastal context. And then, I thought it would interesting to combine the idea of minimalism to it. My main focus was to have a traditional design that was coastal, but restrict my use of color and pattern.

And here it is!

Below are some key concepts that I wanted to think about as I was combining these styles:

  • Items that evoke the coastal feel (the sofa color, the stump tables, rattan chair and accessories make that happen)
  • Play up texture since I’m not using a lot of pattern (I chose rug, pillow texture, chest’s carved front, chair’s material for this reason)
  • Incorporating mirrored surfaces to incorporate more light into the room (coffee table and sconces)
  • Using at least one item in the room with personal meaning since I feel like people have strong memories with the beach (I selected a hand cut map of a city of New Orleans-  near where my husband grew up- as way to incorporate this)
  • Softening the overall design to emphasize the organic nature of the leaves in the art (the rounded sofa arms, rounded chair back, oval sconce, round stumps, curved lamp base and curved chest front do this).

I think a white wall color is almost mandatory with this coastal & minimal vibe. However, I think that it would be AMAZING if the ceiling was this pale green color. I feel like ceilings are under rated when they have the power to pack a huge punch. If you’re too scared to use it on the ceiling, I think it would be great on an accent wall, behind bookcase, or even on the trim.

Part of my hope in this series is to help show how art can be flexible depending on your styles. I picked a fairly simple art piece, but you don’t have to look at art and think “Oh, but my room would have to look like ______ in order for that to work”. Maybe...but maybe not! There are pieces that really look good in specific styles. But for the most part, you can typically design around a piece of art AND still make it look like your style.

Which design is your favorite? Is there a combo of styles that you would like to see?