One Art Piece, Three Ways: Modern & Industrial

Okay, you caught me. It's really two pieces. But, I like to think of them as one piece or treat them as a pair. 

This pair is some of my favorite pieces I did this past fall. I love the simplicity of the lines, the colors and the composition. It’s hard for me as an artist to do simple pieces ( I think I get really excited about all the ways I can add texture and layers and quickly make more complex pieces). But, I also really like that I used color as the shadows instead of shading- again a hard thing for me to do as an artist.

Opening Up I & II

Opening Up I & II

The designer in me also likes it because I can put it with a bunch of different looks. This first look is what I think of as mix between modern + industrial. I also wanted to use the simplicity of the art to be reflected in the design. Minimal pattern and colors just heighten the pieces impact in the room. Here's what I came up with: 

Key things I looked for to tie both the styles into the art:

  • Plant motif that I can use (the rug and pillow have a vine pattern)
  • For the furniture, what is a simple shape but used one of these materials leather/iron/glass/wood/concrete (all industrial/ modern materials)
  • Wall decor that doesn’t compete with the art but coordinates (simple wood shelves and metal geometric coat rack do this)
  • How can I create texture in an fairly neutral scheme (lamp bases, rug, chair back and pillow design accomplish that goal)
  • What would make the design feel like it has a lot of open space like the pieces (open legs on the sofa and accent chair as well as glass coffee table create that feeling)

I picked a colored wall because I felt like this soft blue color would be a great contrast against all the neutral tones in the room and would pull in the blue used in the art. Also, I would put two chairs in this design- one on either side of the pedestal. 

I'll be showing you two more looks that go with this pair- and they will be quite different! 

Do you think that this style looks like you? Would you put this type of art with these styles?