What goes with this? Series: Traditional with Eclectic

I’m continuing with my series that answers the question- “What goes with this?”. Because that’s the hardest part about picking artwork right? You know what furniture you like, but you don’t know what artwork that works with it.

This mix of styles is probably closest to my personal sense of style for my home. I would describe this style as having traditional design as the root of this taste but also having the feel of collected/global/eclectic styles. Here are some of the characteristics of this mixture:

  • clean lines in large upholstery pieces, but nothing too “bulky” looking
  • mixture of patterns and bright solid fabrics
  • you have colored walls and the desire to have wallpaper (like dalmatian dots?!)
  • acrylic pieces get you excited but you also worry about mixing them with all your grandmother’s antiques
  • you use oriental rugs but also like some bolder patterns on the floor
  • beautiful light fixtures are your love language
  • You like the look of tradtional pieces with a twist (ex: old dressers with funky hardware and lacquered paint)

I’ve gathered 10 different ideas for artwork with this type of style that you will absolutely LOVE in any part of your home.

1. Water themed pieces

Jungle Book III  by Brynn Weiermiller

Jungle Book III by Brynn Weiermiller

. Abstract Florals

Art by Lulie Wallace, Designed by Eclectic 

Art by Lulie Wallace, Designed by Eclectic 

3. Old art prints (botanical, landscape, nautical, whatever you like!)

4. Vibrant Still Lifes

Jean's Glass  by Karen O'Neil

Jean's Glass by Karen O'Neil

5. Colorful Abstractions

End of End  by Michelle Armas

End of End by Michelle Armas

6. Collages of any type

Seasonal Grapefruit  by Mary Jo Major

Seasonal Grapefruit by Mary Jo Major

7. Portraits

Joey  by Kathy Wochele

Joey by Kathy Wochele

8. Simple pencil drawings

Peonies  by Mary Jo Major

Peonies by Mary Jo Major

9. Traditional Vignettes

Belvedere  by Lesley Powell

Belvedere by Lesley Powell

10. Softer modern work

Collection of Bunny paintings by Hunt Slonem

Collection of Bunny paintings by Hunt Slonem

Since you have a lot of traditional bones with mixes of other pattern and color- your art can be that way too. A little bit of realistic, a little bit of abstraction, both black and white and in color. Many of these types of work look great mixed together or standing alone.

To clarify what I mean in #10- “softer modern work”- I use that as a catch all term for more modern pieces that have curved lines and not as many hard edges. Very graphic pieces can work with this blend of style, but they have to have some curve to them. If not, it seems jarring and out of place with the rest of the home (unless you want to collect all types of art and don’t care how it matches with anything- that’s okay too :)

Lots of different combinations with this mix of styles! Remember- art should be something you love to look at. All. The. Time. Don’t settle for something that you are only “okay” with- make sure you love it!


Does this style describe you? Would you consider using any of these types of pieces in your home?