To have and to love series: Manhattan Apartment

Part of what I love about looking at beautifully designed homes, is the fact that they are are full of ideas and details that I can tuck away to use myself somewhere else. Even if the design is not my style or in a home I’ll never have, it’s still useful.

Since this marks the beginning of a month that is focused on the idea of love, I want to showcase spaces that I love. I love the design. I love the art. And I love how the space feels.

Today, I’m showcasing a home that I don’t ever think I’ll have- a gorgeous modern Manhattan apartment. I’m going to put little hearts on the places that I love and give a little tip on how we can use what he did in our own homes.

Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest

Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest

  1. This painting is not only fun to look at, but I love that it’s HUGE! When you have large walls- don’t be scared to use them by having large art. I also love that this painting makes your eyes go up because it’s a vertical orientation. When you want to put a painting over a sofa, it’s okay that it’s not a horizontal orientation.

  2. The rug is a perfect pattern in a room like this. It’s neutral so it doesn’t compete with the art, but still ties into because it has the same “water-like” feel to it. I also like that it defines the living room. In open concept homes, it’s really important to distinguish spaces and large rugs are great ways to accomplish that. I talk about what rugs to put with art here, if you want to read more about why this is a great fit.  

  3. Talk about a chair! I realized as I looked at this room, that without the chair’s color, the room would be “flat”. It wouldn’t look good with the art. When you have a colorful piece like this painting, it’s really important to pick one of the subtle bright colors and use it. It doesn’t have to be in a chair, but because this room is so open, the chair anchors the art to the room in a way that wouldn’t happen otherwise.

Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest

Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest

  1. Again with the art- stunning! I think there is a fear to put realistic or literal looking pieces with abstract pieces. But I love that he put large colorful photography with an abstract piece. The sizes are also perfect. The fill up the whole wall. If they were smaller, I don’t think it would tie the two parts of the room together as well. In open concept homes, sometimes the best thing to do is fill what little wall space you have with large art.

  2. Not only are the chairs funky (mimicking the funky orange chair’s style), but they are also open. That means that you don’t feel like you hit a “wall” when you come to this side of the room. Rather, it invites you in with open back seating. I also like that the chair has a fabric that looks like a texture in the photographs

  3. When your living room has a column, make it a statement! This bookcase/cabinet was built around a structural column- but it looks so intentional. When you have something you can’t do anything about in your home, work with it. Make it into something practical and get creative with how you treat it. You can either ignore it or cover it up. If you cover it up, I suggest doing something like this bookcase that is gorgeous and practical.

Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest

Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest

  1. This sectional is the way to go. Instead of having another sofa and then two chairs like the front room has, he put a sectional that wrapped around the whole room. I like that it maximizes seating without feeling like a chunky piece of furniture.

  2. When you have wall space in a room like this, you can choose to have 2D art everywhere, or choose to mix it up a little. I really like that he chose to have a piece of sculpture above another piece of art instead of a mirror or another 2D piece. Since he also has that hand chair (which you could say is also a piece of sculpture), this deer head balances it out by repeating another 3D piece in the room. If you are trying to think of a way to spice up your wall, a piece of sculpture like this one or a glass, fiber or ceramic piece would be a great option.

  3. This room has a lot of individual pieces: one side chair, one coffee table, one sectional etc. I love that he brought in symmetry with something practical- two floor lamps. And these floor lamps look like they were built out of paint marks, which is a nice contrast against all the smooth fabrics and surfaces in the rest of the room.

Like I mentioned before, looking at room you doesn't have to be a time to drool over their beauty (although it almost always includes that). It can also be a time to glean what you LOVE about it. There is a reason why we love certain rooms and why we want the same feel for our homes.

Let’s figure out those reasons together and make your home feel like those gorgeous rooms too!


What kind of rooms make you drool? Do you think that they are attainable in your own home?