Why do you hire an interior designer?

I'm an interior designer, but that doesn't mean that I think everyone needs to hire one.

I think it's important to know the reasons why it's important to hire one and then why you might not need to. You might think I'm crazy for talking about the reasons why you wouldn't want to hire me, but I think it's important to know the "why" behind hiring designers.  I would want to know, so why shouldn't I tell you!

Photo courtesy of Elle Decor Espana  (Look at the border around the walls in navy- such a cool design detail!)

Photo courtesy of Elle Decor Espana  (Look at the border around the walls in navy- such a cool design detail!)

The design world has felt the arc of going from historically referenced interiors to relentlessly midcentury spaces. What I see/hope for now are more eclectic interiors in the truest sense of the word: interiors that reflect individual interests and a wide variety of styles, all brought together in a personal, non-formulaic mix, with an emphasis on quality and detail
— Elissa Cullman for Architectural Digest

Think of designers like therapists.

We analyze, break down and understand the heart of you, your dreams, your goals, your taste and your memories in a space. We are able to look beyond what you might see and get to the root of why you have to have pieces that match (you might be a type-A personality and symmetry is your love language) and why you can't get rid of the first piece of furniture you bought as an adult (it was a big deal to buy something more than $50 out of college!). 

Unlike therapists, we don't just analyze- we create surroundings.

Surroundings that reflect the person who lives in them and really create a home. We can do it easily because we can somehow see all the different pieces together in our mind (I'm a total weirdo, right?!). 

That's how we know if different pieces will "go" together or not- because we can see it in our head.

So, that's what you're getting. You're getting someone who can not only see it all put together but can help you sort through the reasons why certain pieces of furniture would make sense in your home and why other pieces wouldn't. 

Why wouldn't you want to hire a designer?

  • You are an artist yourself who loves the artistic process of creating a space yourself 
  • You are in a season of transition and need time (there is a death in the family, you/your spouse just lost your job)
  • You truly love how your house looks and you don't want to change anything
  • You have a lot of debt (no designer wants you to go into even more debt when that money could be spent on getting rid of the debt you have. We will be here waiting after you go over that hurdle :)
  • You are focused on other things in life- traveling, visiting family, going on adventures. Since you're not really home, you don't really want to spend money on it when you can spend that dough on a plane ticket to Argentina (buy me a ticket too!)

Those reasons (and I'm sure many more) are why hiring an interior designer isn't the best decision. As your creative therapist, I encourage you to make the best decision for you :)

 Creating a home is a beautiful process that is usually robbed of joy because of the overwhelming fear and decisions.

That is why I love helping you. Because I am able to redeem your dreams of having a home that reflects you and give you confidence to curate furnishings that you are crazy about.

 I think everyone should love where they live. 

I'm going to be offering my interior design services online starting on FRIDAY to be able to do just that :) More details to come....

What are your reasons for hiring a designer? Or not hiring one?