Top 20 Benefits of Online Interior Design

Online interior design sounds foreign. 

What is it exactly? (this is a break down of what it is) Who does this type of thing? (anyone!) And why would I use someone online when I can have a designer where I live come over? 

These are all valid questions (especially since a short time ago, when you ordered something online, the quality was questionable and you weren't sure if you would actually get it!) but I want to highlight the top 20 ways online interior design is wonderful. #1 Reason is easy- you don’t have to leave your house :)

  1. Can do everything from home (in your pj's)

  2. Can go at your own pace. You can implement your designs over time or right away. Your timeline is what needs to be whether that's over a few months or right away. You make the changes when you want to.

  3. Tailored for you- no cookie cutters here. No one person is the same. And online, it may be hard to think you’re not going to be getting some generic advice. I don’t do generic. So you’re not going to be getting some “boho” look that I’ve given to 20 other people. I’m going to tailor this to you and what makes your home you.

  4. So much more access to product online than in person! Have you gone into Target looking for something that you saw online, only to realize that it’s an online exclusive? There are a LOT more options online- and they can all come to you instead of you going to them.

  5. Can pick and choose what you want to focus on (no formula)- You need help with everything? Great! You need help figuring out how to create a bedroom that looks as good as the inside of your eyeballs (because sleep is amazing!), then we can focus on that too. There’s no formula!

  6. Professional benefits of working with a designer without having to go through a firm/company. If you want to work with someone who has a degree in design, has a national accreditation and has experience, you typically have to dig to find them outside of a company. Stop digging - I’m right here :)

  7. Smooth process. Why is texting so popular? Because you can get straight to the point. The same works for email and connecting virtually. My goal is to be as clear and as easy to follow as possible. To tell you the “how” as much as the “why”. And that makes things run sooo much smoother!

  8. Can do floor plan/models- Designing floor plans and creating models are done on a computer. Not in person. So you will get the same quality of work far away as you would if you were right next to me :)

  9. Design process can go faster because we cut down on the meetings. I don't have to meet to show you stuff. I can email it to you and you can look at when you can. You don't need to block off two hours to look at it with me- and that saves you time you can spend sleeping (seriously, we all need more sleep right?)

  10. More affordable! Interior design isn’t just for people with million dollar homes. It can be for you too.

  11. Convenient- You can check your email at night, when you get up early, on the way to work etc. You don't have to be free right at the second they email you (like a phone call). You can add your feedback and reply to ideas when it's convenient for you (aka- right before you go to bed at 11;30 at night).

  12. I can "see" where you live without coming to you- distance is not an issue. Don’t you love being able to talk to your best friend 3 times zones away? I am the same way. I can “see” where you live without actually stepping into your house-- so crazy and amazing!!

  13. I'm not a robot, I'm a real person! You can read more about me here.

  14. You can stay on budget (especially online) because you don't impulse buy. Okay...maybe this isn’t true about clothes. But when it comes to online decor shopping, we tend to be more selective than if we were shopping in person. Saving you time (don’t have to return it) and money.

  15. Easy to schedule, easy to use (no complex training required). You don’t need to be trained on how to use a phone or computer and you don’t need to be trained on how to talk to me. 

  16. You don’t have to clean your house for me to come over (because I’m not going to be coming over :)

  17. You get your inspiration online, why not your design too? Let’s face it, most of what inspires us these days comes from the internet. Magazines have a part too, but mostly it’s from online. Wouldn’t it make sense to work with someone who is looking through the same lens as you? Sharing ideas, sharing product ideas, sharing answers can all happen online.

  18. You manage your own project. Even online. I’m here to listen to your frustrations, help you create a home and give you all the tools for making your dream a reality. But you are the one who calls the shots- I work for you.

  19. You know what you like, but just need help with validation and confidence to move forward. I don’t have to be in the same room with you to give you that- I can talk to you on the phone, video chat and email with you. I can be with you wherever you go.  

  20. I’m not exclusive. I don’t have a threshold of what your budget is or what type of person you have to be in order to work with me. Just like the rest of the online world, I’m available to everyone ;)

I am very excited to be able to help make progress in your house (even if it’s just with paint colors). I know that online design seems really foreign to people- it’s only been around a few years (Pinterest started 6 years ago!!). I would love to answer any questions you may have or talk to you about if this would a good fit for you. If want to email me here, or an inquiry form here, I’ll be happy to talk to you.

Spring starts tomorrow, March 19th- are you ready?!

Does online interior design freak you out? What hesitations do you have about it?