Where do you look for ____online? Series: One of a kind pieces

Searching online for something unique can seem pointless.

Finding something uncommon only happens to the “lucky” ones- like lottery winners. Since online shopping seems so universal, it feels like everyone can get the same items online- so there isn’t any reason to look for specialty items.

However, there are some places to look for those on-of-a-kind gems. And I’ll tell you where :)

Photo courtesy of Chairish

Photo courtesy of Chairish

1. Chairish

This site makes it easy to find something you like.  It’s easy to navigate and many of the people who sell on their site offer free shipping. Plus it’s tag line is” Where Design Lovers Buy & Sell”...need I say more?

2. Custom Made

Do you ever have an idea to make something (like a cool coffee table) but never know who to ask? This is where you should look online. Their people are professionals who are passionate about making your vision come to life- and the gallery of things people have done is so fun to look through!

3. 1st Dibs

Don’t look on this site if you are on a budget. Because it’s nothing less than eye-candy. The first edition of designer made pieces and incredible looking lights...if you want to know where the really good vintage stuff is, look here.

4. Krrb

This is if your local Craigslist (a Craigslist that doesn’t have used ikea items) went national. It’s pronounced “curb” and is meant for you to find things locally...but many owners do ship nationally.

5. Society 6

This site is all about supporting artists. Not only do they have art from people all over but they apply artwork to pillows, throws and other home decor.

6. Etsy (if you search for the right thing...) 

Etsy is just overwhelming. There are sooo many vendors for items that it can be hard to hunt for things. My recommendation would be to be as specific as you can be. So if you are looking for nightstands, specify what style and material (ex: wood mid-century modern nightstands). I have also used Pinterest as a secondary search engine for Etsy and that if you searched in Pinterest for an Etsy item, it might narrow down your hunt even more. 

7. Viyet

This is a really nice online consignment shop. But the people at Viyet go to the place these pieces are located, take their own pictures, measurements and authenticate everything. So you know you don’t need to question what you’re actually looking at.

8. WorkOf

WorkOf is all about well made, original contemporary pieces that are designed by independent shops. With every piece, you know exactly where it comes from and is typically made to order (so don’t expect to get it by the weekend). It's also not cheap...but maybe you should look at it as a WorkOf-art :)

9. Magpie and Rye

This is more for affordable contemporary accessories (which are actually hard to find), and are mostly made by hand. They also source most of their designs from North America.

10. American Design Club

American Design Club is super neat. They come up with a concept that they give to designers, who then to submit products with that concept in mind. They pick the winners of the contest and then sell the designs- and they are some cool designs.

There are probably other sites that I don’t even know about that should be added to this list. However, if you want something unique with a story, don’t rule out hunting online for it.

The treasures are out there waiting to be found!

Do you look for one-of-a-kind pieces online? Why or why not?