Where do you look for ____ online? Series: Dining Tables & Chairs

Dining room tables and chairs are not quite as scary to buy online.

But there is still this hidden doubt that what you’ll buy is worthless and you just wasted your money. Or you only know two different places to look for furniture and you just need some more options…

Well, I’ve done all your homework for you! Here are my favorite spots to look for dining room pieces.

1. World Market

This is one of my main go-to’s for dining room furniture. Everything is super affordable and the chairs come in pairs (score!). They tend to be more on the traditional/farmhouse side of things, but feel like the price is too perfect to pass up.

2. Ballard Designs

Ballard is great for custom upholstery options with dining room chairs (which is hard to find!). They have great deals on tables too. And their style is very “french country” which can sometimes feel forced or ugly- but not here. Their stuff is spot on.

3. Nadeau

This retailer gets most of it’s products from Indonesia (the headquarters to inexpensive carved wood) thus they are all handmade and not mass produced. What I love about Nadeau is that they constantly get in new products and are great about updating their website. Did I mention they have AMAZING prices? Because they do. And (*gasp*) they actually don’t ship...but their stores are in many major cities and I would recommend traveling to go to one!

4. Crate and Barrel

Crate & Barrel is dependable and all of their pieces don’t chip or wear over time. They also have clean simple lines and create interesting designs, like this live edge table below. Their chairs are also well made and stylish.

5. Arhaus

This store is not for those of us who want a steal. This store is about unique, well made designs. I really like how they incorporate stone inlay in some of their designs as well as beautiful painted patterns. Another thing Arhaus does well, is offer you the option of mixing and matching different two-toned finishes and lots of upholstery options for dining chairs. More on the traditional side, but this company’s stuff will last a LONG time.

6. Craigslist

I know you can find anything on Craigslist, but you can really find some good deals on dining room tables and chairs. Depending on where you live, depends a little bit on what you can find. However, I always think it’s worth checking :)

7. West Elm

I’m picky about what I purchase from West Elm. Like it’s sister store Pottery Barn, the finishes are known to rub off after awhile. But, they have great options on glass, marble and concrete tables. They do a great job of having different styles of table bases too. So when you’re looking at West Elm, I’m not saying don’t buy it...but be careful if it’s a stained wood or linen upholstery.

8. Overstock

Another great place to find a steal. This site has a lot of cheap furniture, but it has a lot of really great pieces too. Look out for reviews of pieces and you should be good to go!

9. Modloft

This is for all my modern peeps out there. This site makes stunning modern furniture with really well made materials. The designs are truly the thing that makes them stand out the most- and they offer free shipping!

10. Anthropologie

We could put Anthropologie down as having the best of all things feminie online, right? But, I think their dining chairs stand out the most to me. The unique shapes, fabrics and colors make their chairs one of kind...almost a statement piece in their own right. They aren’t cheap, so I would either wait till they go on sale or until you find you HAVE to have them.

Dining room tables and chairs are supposed to be used- and spilled on and eaten on and even worked on (depending if you have a home office or not). These options are meant to give you all the places to look to find the perfect fit for you and your home.

What do you look for in a dining table or chairs?