A Floral Moment Series: Floral wallpaper

It’s the middle of April and I am dying for tons of flowers to be out.

And the good news is that florals are REALLY IN right now for interiors (they are always “in” in the art world :).

Let’s start with floral wallpaper. Since wallpaper is back in style (even removable wallpaper!), I’m going to walk through amazing ways to incorporate floral wallpaper in your home with complete confidence it’s going to look stellar!

1. Laundry Rooms

Laundry Rooms are usually boring and forgotten. However, you spend enough time in it, you should make it pretty too! This dark wallpaper is beautiful- but it works so well because it also balances out the light coming in from the outside. 



2. Bedroom

Instead of painting a wall an accent wall color, floral wallpaper is a great option. This soft floral is feminine but because the flowers are orange (and not pink), it does look overly girly. 

3. Dining Room

If you want to go bold with floral wallpapers- a dining room is a great spot. It usually has several openings (doorways, windows, maybe built-ins) and so it breaks up a colorful paper well. I really like how the designer used dining chairs that had a green painted back to tie into the floral. 

4. Powder Room

Small spaces are perfect for florals. And I like that this floral is more on the contemporary side. Florals can be hard to make "modern" and I like how this one feels fresh and light. 

5. In an unexpected spot...

I'm all about surprises. I love tiny details in bookcases and tables (even on ceilings!). I think that floral wallpaper looks really good in those spots- part of that has to do with the lines they create. The organic fluid lines of the branches, stems and petals contrast the straight edges of furniture. They balance each other out!

Floral wallpaper is such a fun way to create interest in your space as well as add beautiful texture to the walls. The key is making sure it fits with the mood you want in the room.

Do you want something light and peaceful? A floral with a white or metallic background is going to be good fit. If you want something that is eye catching because you want your room to be fun and colorful, the bigger the floral the better.

I’m dying to try a floral wallpaper on the inside of my closet door, but I’m not completely sure about which one!

Which floral wallpaper idea do you like?