A Floral Moment Series: Floral Fabric

You’ve probably noticed flowers on a lot more than just clothing lately…

It’s been creeping into much of the design landscape and I am in love with the options :) Floral fabrics specifically are an easy way to incorporate the trend (and there are LOTS of options out there!).

I could spend all day looking at floral fabrics that I love, but I want to show how they can look in different places (besides an accent pillow) in a space.

1. Bedding

Pillows are usually the go-to spot for floral bedding, but I like the idea of it being on a bold quilt. In this room in particular, it doesn’t overwhelm the space with “girly-ness” but it does make a great statement.

2. Throw Pillows

Good thing accent pillows are the most affordable on this list, because I love floral accent pillows! I think that even the right ones can transcend seasons and be incorporated even into holiday decor. And if you’re not sure about the trend, this is the easiest way to add it into your space without a huge commitment.

3. Upholstery 

You have to be sure you like floral fabric before you go “all-in” with putting it on your sofa. However, if you do love florals, what’s stopping you? Your house should be about what you love and I’m pretty sure you’ll love this for many years.

4.  Drapery 

The word “drapery” can sound dated. But let me tell you, if you put floral fabric on your windows, it would be classic. Not dated. I like this type of window covering the best- Roman Shades- because it’s functional and more casual than panels.

5. Throw Blankets

This is another easy to use florals in your space without a huge commitment. I really like the colors in this one- moody and bright at the same time.

Despite the sneaky feeling that you have gone back in time to the early 90’s when Laura Ashley fabrics ruled the planet, floral fabrics these days are bright and fun and modern. They actually pair really well with crisp grays and whites (the go-to paint colors) as well as with most styles.

Do you like floral fabrics?