A Floral Moment Series: Floral Lighting

Lighting is becoming more and more inventive these days.

Instead of a crystal chandelier being your only option as a statement, there are many many other options. One of them being floral based.

What I like about having lights that have a botanical nature, is that they create a softer, more elegant mood to a room. And if they are painted a bright color they can also be playful and whimsical (which is great to have in your house if you want it to feel more casual and less serious :)

I’ve collected a number of images of floral lights that are used in a variety of places in a variety of materials to help you see how versatile they can be.

Floral lighting doesn’t have to make the space necessarily feel more feminine. I actually look at floral lighting as a bit of a “surprise” factor because I don’t think anyone ever expects it.

And if this look isn’t for you, no biggie. There are still PLENTY of lighting options for you to choose from---though they might not be as “pretty” as the floral options :)

What floral lighting do you like the best?