A Floral Moment Series: Real Florals

I want to wrap up this series with the inspiration behind it all- the real plants themselves. 

It's usually assumed that when you see a photo of a room with some sort of plant, it was placed there just to make the photo look good.

And that's probably right. However, I think that there are important design aspects behind florals. 

I've gathered a number of different images that not only look pretty, but also emphasize the design in various ways. 

Each one of these interiors uses florals/clippings/plants to:

  • Bring in a pop of color that contrasts against the other colors in the rest of the room
  • Adds a sculptural element that contrasts the straight lines
  • Reinforce the color palate of the room
  • Adds to the theme of the space (colorful, tropical, graphic)
  • Bring balance to other parts of the space through the use of scale

Adding florals (even faux florals!) not only add beauty to the space, but can be an extension of the design itself.

What type of floral or plant do you like to use in your home?