Painted Floors

Painting your floor takes guts. 

It takes guts to cover up the wood that you spent good money or that you like because it is a neutral that seems to "go with everything". 

What’s interesting, is that I have seen it creeping up into the most high end homes as a great option to a rug. I particularly like it when you can see the wood underneath it and allows the floor to look almost 3 dimensional.

I’ve selected ten different examples of how the painted flooring doesn’t look cheap or even pertain to the “rustic” look that is associated with it.

1. Black stain over wood

2. Painted Floors with a border

(I had to show you the whole room so you could see how amazing this detail is!)

3. Two different patterns to indicate a change in rooms

4. Outside (yes, that's on concrete!)

5. Colored geometric over wood

6. Red marker

7. Checkered pattern

8. Solid color

9. Large central emblem

10. Geometric without wood showing

So what makes it so attractive to paint your floors?

  • You don’t have to worry about your dog, kid or anything else messing them up like you might with a rug.  
  • If a hallway (or room) is sparsely furnished, then the floor actually becomes the focal point and this look is perfect. 
  • Dining room chairs are easier to scoot across wood
  • They cover up not-so-attractive wood flooring that you may not want to replace
  • They are a great statement!
"I love painted floors because you have so much control, and its an unexpected opportunity for color and pattern" - Miles Redd

And you really can change them back. You just have to get the floors refinished (yes, I know that's a lot of work, but you probably won't want to for a long time after you make your floors this beautiful!)

If you're trying to decide if you should do it, here is the question I would ask yourself:

Do you want an alternative to a rug that is durable and is a statement? 

If the answer is yes, then I think you're ready to put on the paint!

What do you think about painting floors?