Splurge vs Save: where to spend it and where to cut back?

There is no guide book on spending money for your home. Sometimes you know what you want to invest in and sometimes you know you don't want to spend a lot...

And then there is all the gray middle area. 

I've found 4 different ways to save and splurge in your home. Since we don't all own our abode, I've only listed one "permanent" item. However, feel free to ask me any other questions about this!

source -  I love that these are just found metal chairs that are functional and cool (even if they are beat up looking :)

sourceI love that these are just found metal chairs that are functional and cool (even if they are beat up looking :)

Save on....

1. Bathroom faucets. That doesn't mean get the cheapest...but it just means you don't need to buy the $700 version in a bathroom. 

2. Accent furniture pieces Ex: coffee tables, side tables, small dressers. These are pieces that will be moved around, (potentially even damaged) and are easily replaced over the years.

3. Throw pillows (unless you HAVE to have to have it to tie the whole room together) Throw pillows are easily switched out and get a lot of use. You don't need to spend on them in order to get a certain look. There are lots of affordable options out there!

4. Outdoor furniture is going to need to be functional and beautiful. But if you hardly hang out on your porch, why would you need to spend 2K on a sectional? If you do spend a lot of time outdoors- you are allowed to spend it :)

Splurge on...

1. Something you will use all the time- like an office chair, your sofa you sit on all the time, or your mattress.  If you are going to be sitting/laying on it for longer than 2hrs, on a daily basis, it's worth the investment. 

2. Your paint- Some people may disagree with me on this one, but good paint is touch-up-able, cleanable and only needs a couple of coats because it has a lot of pigment. The cheaper paint you end up needing to touch up more and use more coats because of the filler...and in the end you might have well spent the extra $. 

3. Artwork- You will have this forever. Once you have a real piece of art in your home, it's seriously never the same. You will always be able to design around it and no matter what your current "colors" are, it can be incorporated. Learn about where to find some here. 

4. Kitchen Cabinets- This doesn't mean that you need anything super custom. I'm just suggesting that you make sure that the cabinets you install are going to hold up over time and use. And that may mean you need to splurge (just a little!).

With each of these splurges, don't break the bank. You don't need a $8000 sofa or $100 a gallon paint. However, in art, let your heart guide you. If you LOVE it, than no price is too much (learn more about some ideas to acquire art on a budget here). 

Each part of a person's home is unique to them. For instance, my husband is an avid reader and after years of trying to figure out how to make the IKEA Billy Bookcase work for us, I've given up.

I'm going to get some made for us. But that's US. I'm not going to assume that everyone is going to need or want that. 

When you are trying to figure out what to splurge and save on things outside of this list, ask yourself:

  1. How much do you use it? 
  2. How much do you care about it in the grand scheme of things?

If you won't use it a lot or you don't care about it as much as other things, then save on it.  But if you will use it a lot or care about it a lot, then it might be worth the splurge (or at least the next level up).

What do you save on? What do you like to splurge on?