In the mood: How to create a calm room

I talk a lot about how a room “feels”. Or you could replace the word “feelings” for mood.

It is a little bit hard to qualify a mood. There are many rooms that you just have a feeling about the moment you walk in... but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

There is a lot of talk about what colors make you feel a certain way (Ex: Red makes you hungry and yellow means joyful). However, there isn’t a lot of discussion the other qualities in a room that play a part in the overall mood.

I want to take a closer look at different moods in a more comprehensive way. We all crave more rest in our schedules and lives. I felt like it was fitting to start with how you can create calm rooms.

1. Faint Patterns

When you think of a calm room, I think it’s typical to think all solid fabrics. But using faint patterns can be a great way to create this feeling too.

“Faint” patterns are ones that aren’t necessarily large or small, but rather the amount of contrast there is. You could say it’s a “quiet” pattern or something that is there but it isn’t “in-your-face”. This living room has faint pattern on the pillows.

2. Monotone Palette

A huge trick to creating a calming space is by keeping the colors in the same range. This example is a little intense, but all the greens are just lighter or darker versions of each other. This mix of the same color in different shades really creates calmness in a room.

3. Consistent with color

Using the same color is similar to monotone, but it’s repeating one color throughout a space. By simplifying the amount of color, you immediate create a specific mood. You can see this a lot in beach homes or more contemporary spaces best.

4. Plain surfaces

You don’t have to have a plain room to have that calm feeling. However, you can use plain surfaces like clear glass, plain walls, and unadorned furniture to create that feeling.

Some people’s version of calm means that they have an all white bed or as little furniture is needed. I think either of those work well, but I think that whatever idea you use should reflect your own personality.

For example, if you have children and a shaggy dog who like to come in bed with you, then a white bed might be hard to maintain, but faint patterns work well.

Calmness isn’t an elusive idea that can’t be accomplished in your home. You just need a few tricks to get it there (and cleaning your home can create a sense of calm like nothing else!)

Do you have a room that you want to feel calm (or already does)? What is most important to you about making it feel that way?