In the mood: How to create a relaxed room?

The last thing I want to feel when I come home is stressed. Yet, many many times that’s exactly how I feel.

Many of the reasons I’m stressed have to do with outside circumstances, however if I can see dog hair visibly on the carpet, papers all over my dining table and dishes from the last 3 days on my kitchen counter/sink- it only makes it worse.

I can’t clean your kitchen for you or make sure all your laundry is perpetually done and put away, but I can give you some tips I’ve learned to making a home more relaxing for yourself and anyone who comes over.  

1. Patterned Floors

Rugs and tile are some of the best ways to use pattern on your floor. Anything that will make spills blend in and dirt not as noticeable will make you relaxed.

The other benefit of having pattern on the floor is that it usually looks better over the years because you can’t see stains as easily.

2. Personal Accents

When I go into a home that doesn’t have anything personal in it (photos, art, accessories), there is a lack of “welcomeness” that I instantly feel. And I think that leads to a lack of relaxation.

They don’t have to be large and you don’t need a ton- but they need to be things that when you look at them, they make you happy :)

3. Layer Textiles (pillows, throws, coverlets)

Textiles is a fancy way of saying anything made out of fabric. Pillows, throws, blankets (and more pillows) are going to make your room more relaxed- instantly.

However, I would say that pillows that are super expensive and you’re scared of anything happening to them, prevent you from relaxing. So whatever “textiles” you buy, make sure you’re comfortable using them without care.

4. Living Things

I don’t do a great job of keeping plants alive. However, I know that living things also make a room more relaxing (not to mention more pretty).

I like this design by Lauren Liess because her simple use of fern infuses a more casual and restful tone into the room. Without it, the room might not feel as relaxing.

Creating a room that makes you feel at ease when you walk in, doesn’t only revolve around making sure you don’t have dirty dishes on the table and a laundry basket on the floor. It looks like adding an extra blanket to your living room and getting something with pattern on the floor.

You know the homes where you walk through the front door and you feel scared to touch anything? That’s also the opposite of relaxing.

Would you stress about someone drinking coffee in the chair (preventing you from relaxing)? Would someone be scared to put their purse down because they don’t want to mess anything up (preventing them from relaxing)?

Whenever you are thinking about purchasing any sort of furniture item, and you want your home to be relaxing, keep that in mind.

Do you have a favorite thing you do to make your room feel relaxed?