In the mood: How to create a cheerful room?

How do you make room feel like a burst of sunshine?

And by stepping into it, you immediately want to start dancing or eat your favorite dessert (because it just makes sense to do some of your favorite activities in such a happy room).

I want to give a few specific tips to getting that joyful feeling in your space (even though I know I might feel like this anyways if my house my constantly spotless!). 

1. Color is your secret weapon

Injecting a pastel or bright color on any wall will immediately change a room’s mood. I think that cheerful rooms can have neutral walls too, however I think that the mood of a room (like this yellow one) feels immediately “cheerful” just because of the wall color.

2. Playful patterns are key

I don’t think solids and textures are necessarily enough to create cheerful mood in a room. Even if the pattern is really subtle like this room by Lauren Nelson, fun patterns are like the cheerleaders of a space- they yell and scream and beg you to feel happy :)

3. Surround yourself with things YOU love

Don’t put things in your home that you see in magazines but you don’t care about (ex: pineapples, tree stumps, rose gold accessories). Your home should reflect what you love because YOU live there and having only things you love makes you cheerful!

4. Art works wonders

I’m crazy about this dining room because it makes this point so clearly. Without this large fun green piece of art, the dining room would look stiff and formal. Art can have the power to completely transform the mood of a room.

There are other things that I think bring cheer into a room like plants, framed photos of good memories, and loads of natural light. I also know that rooms that could everything on this list and still not feel cheerful...because it’s not used.

I think the most used rooms in a home can be the most cheerful.

They hold the most smiles, the most thoughtful conversations and the most beautiful stories. So, if you could do one thing to make your home cheerful, it would be to LIVE in it. Invite people over for dinner instead of eating out. Make time to hang out at home and don’t feel like an exciting life (aka: a fun life) always means you have to be out of your home.

What makes your space cheerful?