In the mood: How to create a romantic room?

Rooms have feelings. I've been going through some of the different feelings (calming and cheerfulness) or moods rooms can have and how by determining what mood you want, you can put certain design tactics in place to create it.  

Last week, I was talking with someone about their bedroom and the one thing they said they wanted their room to feel romantic. There are a lot more tricks to romance besides just lighting a candle. I'm going to share my top 4 with you. 

1. Play with Height

Even if you have a room without 20ft. ceilings, beds that create a "room within a room" are very romantic. The bed is already the focal point of most bedrooms, but this height change can emphasize that visually.

If you don't like the whole canopy bed look, I recommend a higher headboard to give that same feel. 

2. Headboards are statements

This probably doesn't need to be explained, but I really appreciate the impact a headboard can have. In this example, because it doesn't have any pattern,  it could be considered "boring". However, since it has simple tufting, I think it gives an elegant backdrop to the room.

3. Soft Metallics

A finish with a little bit of sparkle is a sure fire way to "spark" romance (I love puns y'all :). "Soft Metallics" means nothing too intense and can be gold, silver, or champaigne. Mirrors, bone-inlay,  glass, stone, satin, shell, and velvet are also textures that have a sheen and create this look. 

This room by Amanda Nesbit does a great job of blending all these textures and metallics to communicate this concept. 

4. Mood lighting

Light can have such a strong effect on your mood. Rooms with little light can be intimate (or depressing) and rooms with lots of light can be cheerful (or lack privacy). I think bedrooms need to be able to be both. Namely, the intimate mood. 

The key to this is having a few different light sources: windows, bedside lighting and possibly overhead lighting (if you don't need a fan). By having dimmers on the lights and lined drapery, you can effect the romance in the room with little effort. 

Bedrooms are usually the last thing that gets touched when you want to design your home. It's usually because it's the last thing other people see, so it gets put on the bottom of the list.

However, I would encourage you to make one small change in your bedroom to encourage a little bit of romance (even if it is just lighting a candle :)