Color Trend: Peach Tones

We don’t re-do our rooms every season. We don’t even buy an all new wardrobe every season! So when it comes to trends, they can feel forced since by the time you actually want to try them (because you have a reason to), they aren’t on trend any more…

However, there are ways, like in a wardrobe, that you can mix in newer pieces that coordinate with the newer trend and make you feel...on top of it :)

Peach tones have been around in the design world since the early 20th century. But, what I like about the way it’s being used now, is the types of accent colors that they are being paired with.

I’m talking about the different accent colors and then ways to use these colors without painting your whole room one of the shades...though, I wouldn’t oppose it!

Peach + Powder Blue + Gray

I would describe this room as traditional in style, however the color combination makes it modern. Instead of picking neutral tan colors for the bookcase/upholstery, the other colors (even the bright white) make the room seem very 2016.

Peach + Pink + Black

I couldn't stop staring at this room when I first saw it. The 1930's style furniture is part of what makes this room so cool, but I also like how most of the furniture is in some shade of pink/peach. It makes the room seem bigger because it all flows together.

I also think that have the ceiling and the curtains the same shade of peach, is a way to make the room feel enveloped in the color. It's not too much because the area rugs and other large pieces are gray or black or stone (which balances out the color). 

Peach stone

No one probably looks at brick or saltio tile (another peach stone) and think "Oh, that's pink!". But that's what makes it great to use. I wanted to highlight a room that used this color with out it looking super feminine. It gives a warmth to the space and I would say could be used with modern or traditional styles. 

Peach + Red + Yellow

This combination makes me think of sunshine. This shade of peach/nude with the red & yellow is warm and cheerful. I think that these accent colors could over power the peach/nude tone of the walls, but they are used sparingly. Which is the biggest trick!

Peach + Art

I have a thing for art on top of colored walls (I wrote about it here). What I like about these pieces on top of the peach, is that natural tones of the wood seem to blend into the wall (unlike a blank canvas) and so the colors on the piece really stand out. 

Other types of art would look great on top of peach too. Anything with greens & blues (like a landscape), dark browns and neutrals (like portraits) and even family photos would look good on top of peach. 

Peach + Persimmon + Geige

Since this room has the dining room and living room, incorporating the peach into the room has to be strategic. The deep persimmon color in the living room makes it feel like a "room within a room" while the neutral in the dining room stands out against it. 

And I also like that S.B. Interiors (who designed this space), wasn't worried about having the same neutral on both sides of the room. They put a darker version in the living room and a lighter one in the dining area- and it works. It's okay not to be "matchy matchy" :)

Peach Accents

I totally understand if you like the tan walls you have now and don't plan on painting them anytime soon. Which is why I think that incorporating small doses of peach accents (like these copper kitchen items) is a great way to incorporate this trend. 

Peach + White

You could say this headboard is more pink than peach, but what I think is interesting is the way it's the only color in the room (outside of all the artwork of course :).

It's not overpowering, and you don't look at the room and think "peach". But it has a subtle effect on the mood of the room. This is another way you can use it without using paint. 

This "granny floral" not only brings in peach but is also a statement. The main reason why I like this image is that it shows how you can add even a little bit of peach (in a pillow, throw, small piece of art, books etc) and it can make the room feel fresh. 

Peach tones can really change from room to room. There is way to make it seem fresh and modern, and there are ways to make it look like something form 1910. I don't think that you need to paint a room with it in order for you to bring the color into your space.

However, I do think you need to play with it :) It's a color that is going to be here for a little bit longer and I think it's one of those colors that really makes a room feel "happy". 

What is your biggest hang-up in using peach colors in your home?