Why do you hire an interior designer?

Why do you hire an interior designer?

You hire an interior designer because you are frustrated with not being able to make a decision. You hire a designer because you are overwhelmed with the process of figuring out where to start.

But why don't you hire a designer? 

As a designer, I think it's fair that I talk about the reasons why it may be better to not hire me (even though you think that may be crazy for me to talk about!). I go over the reasons why not to hire a designer as well as explain the other name for a designer- your therapist

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Celebrating African American Interior Designers

Celebrating African American Interior Designers

In the interior design world, there aren't a ton of African American Interior Designers. To celebrate Black History Month, I wanted to highlight ten different designs from some talented designers in the industry who are expanding the diversity of the industry is a beautiful way. 

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My story as an artist and designer


Earlier today I heard something that I thought was really interesting. According to a google analytics team, if you have had a passion from a very early age you will be very productive in it later in life.

As a really little girl, I would sit and draw for hours. My drawings of choice were banana splits (I still love ice cream), rainbows (I still love all colors) and girls with “puffy sleeves” (yes, I was a child of the late 80’s early 90’s).

MJM art circa 1992: Ice Cream, rainbows, flowers, candy, even a house- I guess that must have been my "dream house"

MJM art circa 1992: Ice Cream, rainbows, flowers, candy, even a house- I guess that must have been my "dream house"

I ended up getting into a high school in Houston, TX called the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. It was a competitive school to get in to, but once I started school I found a huge supportive art community.

One that fostered growth in the arts and where we were all jealous of how good others were in their art concentration and respected them at the same time. It was there that I learned how to think critically about art.

How to draw well in perspective. How to have positive and thoughtful critiques (where you analyze if a piece was successful or not). How my art should always be growing and pushing to be better and better.

During this time, I really decided to go after a degree in interior design. So I picked the best school in the region for an accredited interior design program and went for it.

The program that had a more “artistic” bent. For instance, one semester we had a water colorist come in and teach us some techniques on how to use watercolor in our work.

I learned so much in school but much of it was space planning (fancy way of saying where the walls and bathrooms go) and thinking of how a concept translates throughout a design. Not too different from art, actually.

When I graduated in 09’, the interior design market wasn’t doing too hot. 

I worked many different jobs that were related to interior design but none of them were ever the commercial interior design job I had wanted for so long. Instead, I worked in residential in some way for about 6 years.

Earlier this year, I finally got a commercial interior design job. The kind I had always wanted.

And then had to be laid off in March.

I was crushed but strangely at peace. It was like I felt God had hit the pause button on what I was doing. I still cried a lot and grieved the loss of what I felt like was my dream, but I also tried to start thinking about what could be next.

I started studying for the NCIDQ test at this time- which is a test that you can take that declares you a certified interior designer (this explains a little bit more about what that means...still waiting to hear if I passed!*)

*Note: I passed :)

A few of my smaller pieces

A few of my smaller pieces

As summer approached, I realized that I had been wanting to make art again. The more I looked into the market, the more I realized that the art I preferred to create- collage and abstract painting- was not necessarily represented strongly.

I realized I could not only make art, but make a living at it. For an artist, that sounds so unattainable when you grow up hearing that the only thing an art degree is good for is working at Starbucks.

I was really excited and started making a bunch of work and launched my website in August of this year. My only road block with doing art as a living, was feeling like I wasn’t touching the interior designer in me who I had cultivated the last 10 years.

After meeting with an insightful friend, I realized that I had “been there and back again”. I not only understood art, but also how it fits into a space.

And I could help others with their art problems in their homes.

And then I got REALLY excited.

Currently, I am trying my best to learn what you need. How I can make you feel excited, empowered and ready to hang up art in your home. What you need to know about yourself and your home, the steps you need to take and the places to look for art that fits you perfectly. I’m convinced that artwork is some of the most valuable pieces in your home because it tells a story about you and what you love. I want to help you create that story.

What part of your search for art has left you frustrated or has made you give up on trying to find art?