Where do you look for ____ online? Series: Accessories

"Accessories" is interior design code for pillows, throws, things to put on your bookcase, coffee table and nightstand.

It’s all the fun fluff :)

It’s easy to spot a lot of these items at Target, Home Goods, Pottery Barn, Random little shops we find ourselves in (aka: culprits of taking our money without us realizing it!).

But to find things that are online and aren’t from our go-to spots...that can be harder to hunt for.

I want to give you a list that reaches across lots of different styles to bring you accessories that are a little different and a little more unique than the average blue patterned throw pillow.

1. Momastore

This is an offshoot of a spectacular modern art museum in NYC. Like the art that the museum has, the online store has tons of unique and specialty items. It’s kind of like the Container Store where you think you don’t need anything but once you start browsing you find something you have to have!

2. Etsy (search "designer pillows")

I’ve mentioned the frustration in looking through Etsy for art here, but with accessories it’s not quite as hard. I really look to Etsy for beautiful pillows. Especially if you search for “designer pillows”, you will find pillows made out of REALLY nice fabric for a fraction of the price.


LEIF is based out of Brooklyn and started only 5 years ago. It has a lot more than just home accessories but all it’s products have a wonderful fresh eclectic vibe that want to make you want to buy it all the more.

4. Shop Terrain (for plant stuff)

This site has bulbs, planters, vases, metal garlands (where you put them is another question), and dried wreaths. They are definitely not going to have your “basic” type of planter or vase, but if I am trying to find a little decor that is botanical in nature, I like to look here.  

5. Serena & Lily

Serena and Lily is what I like to think of as a preppy beach style (that isn’t all pink and teal). However, that’s really an exaggeration. It has lots of accessories that can blend with any style. I particularly like their mirrors and trays.

6. The Citizenry

This little shop is more of the minimal and simple style. What I like about their accessories is that they support artisan entrepreneurs all over the world and so each piece has it’s own story.

7. The Shoppe

Started by the popular designer company Amber Interiors, it carries the pinnacle of that “minimal, mid-century modern, boho” vibe. With lots of pillows, candles, baskets and cool coat hooks, if this is your style than you have found heaven.

8. Furbish

Furbish used to be a brick and mortar store in Raleigh, NC but became more of an online hub over the last few years. It carries funky needlepoint pillows, whimsical wall hangings and interesting textiles. You never know what you might find at this site :)

9. Gilt

This has TONS of options for any type of style at all sorts of price points. You do have to give them your email address, but all of their stuff is discounted from the typical retail prices so I think it's worth it. I don’t know why it’s called “Gilt” because you shouldn’t have any from shopping here…

10. Lulu & Georgia

This is one of my favorite sites!! It has many options for all sorts of accessories, and makes it easy to search for what you are looking for (70 drool worthy pages to be exact!)

I love the “fluff” part of interior design. It’s in the details that a design can really be amazing. However, I have see “fluff” used to cover up the parts of the room that don’t make as much sense (like a sofa that’s too big for the room). So, accessorize away….as long as you have the right bones in place :)

What do you love to accessorize with? Do you ever look online or do you prefer to buy them in person?

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A new sofa and all that goes with it

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