Where do you look for ____online? Series: Original Art

You’ve heard that you can buy anything online.

And it’s (usually) true- even original artwork. Gone are the days when you had to know an artist personally or go to a gallery to find original pieces.

The digital world has opened wide the gates and will let anyone have access to artists and their work (YAY!!!).

For the next part in the series of where do you look online, I'm going to focus on original art. 

1. Instagram

In the day and age of social media, this is really an excellent spot to start hunting for art. If you aren’t familiar with how Instagram works, the key is that people will post pictures and then use a # or hashtag to help people find it. For example, people will write the hashtag- #interiordesign- with a photo related to interior design that they want people to see. The catch is that you can only see all those photos if you search for the hashtag- #interiordesign. Like a google search...(hope that's not confusing for people who aren't using it!). SO, which hashtags do you look at to find art?

#doitfortheprocess, #diaryofmovement, #abstractobsession, #artgallery, #artforjoysake and #carvetimeoutforart  are all favorites of mine. If you look up any of these hashtags, you’ll find a treasure trove of artists posting their work. And then you can contact them via direct messaging in Instagram. No barriers between you and them- crazy!!

2. Local Gallery Websites

Even though you can find artist through lots of venues, gallery websites are still a great way to look for art. Not all galleries have a current inventory on their site, but if you see something you like, many of them are accommodating and will send you images of that piece as well as pieces that are similar. If you don't know what galleries are in your area, a quick search for "local galleries" should bring up a number of choices. 

River Study  by P. Allen Smith from   Allison Sprock Gallery  

River Study by P. Allen Smith from Allison Sprock Gallery 

3. Artist Websites

There are many artists that have websites (not all!), but many. And they will usually show their work and how to purchase it. But how do you find these artist's websites? You can meet the artist personally at local art crawls or events...but you can also find them via Instagram and Pinterest. 

Logan Ledford Art  in New Orleans

Logan Ledford Art in New Orleans

4. Pinterest

The other social media source that houses LOADS of art. Search any type of art you want and many different options come up. The tricky part about Pinterest is that it might not be an art piece you can buy. It might be in a museum or part of a fancy collection. However, there is a lot of stuff out there is from an artist website or an Etsy shop. Keep searching- I promise it won't take you long!

5. Art Blogs

What are art blogs? They are blogs that focus on artists, their work and what they want to do with their art. I particularly like The Jealous Curator which focuses on contemporary artists (the posts usually tell you the artist website!) or Carve Time Out for Art which focuses on artists who are also busy moms. Theses blogs feature tons of artists that you might not know about otherwise. So you might not know how badly you need their artwork in your home :)

6. Saatchi Art

This website is amazing! It has a ton of art to choose from- both original and print. An added bonus is that they offer framing so it's one less thing you have to do :) The art is from all over the globe and can be really affordable- like this original piece below is 24" x 32" for $800.

7. Serena and Lily

This online retailer has a bunch of beautiful products, but their original artwork is particularly stunning. The have a variety of abstract, landscape, and representational pieces that are all different sizes. The colors and subject matter coordinates with their product, so they aren't going to have a lot of pieces that are black & white...but if your style is a colorful beachy vibe, you will love everything!

8. Pop-up Shops

You might be asking- "What are you talking about?" Pop up shops are events that stores host that only last for a short amount of time. It could be a few hours and it could be a few days. How do you know about them? Different online retailers/sources will tell you. I know that doesn't help a ton, but places like Furbish Studio and The Chicago Art Girls have Pop-up shops every few months. And if someone knows a place where there are a lot listed, let us know!

9. Lost Art Salon

I only found out about this site recently but it's a great concept. It has re-discovered over 7,000 pieces from the 20 century that are historically significant (and most of them come framed!). Let me say, that these pieces are only going to increase in value so it's worth eating rice + beans for 2 months to buy one. 

10. Zatista

This online store is everything you want in an online art retailer. It offers free shipping, free returns and has a wide range of pricing. One of my favorite parts about it, is that the artist talks about their pieces as if you were in their studio. Part of what makes art so special is how it resonates with you. The story behind an art piece can do that. I love that Zatista finds that important too. 

Alright, you might have noticed I left Etsy and Ebay off the list.

That's because I feel like I have spent hours on both sites without success. So why would I recommend them to you? The other ways to find artists get you much faster to success than those two sites do (Did you know Etsy has over 1 million art pieces on it's site?! How are we supposed to find stuff?!). Pinterest is my mini search engine for Etsy. The way I look at it, if it's good enough to be "Pinned" it's good enough for me to find :)

Do you like buying art from a certain place online? Or does it overwhelm you?